2 -12 oz. packages of Kaboski sausage 

2 lb. Marble potatoes 

3- large Yellow Squash 

3- medium zucchini 

1lb  Asparagus

1 lb   portabella mushrooms

10 - Ears fresh corn.

3 Tbsp  butter flavored olive oil.  ( Asparagus )

3 Tbsp  Tuscan Herb olive oil 

( Kabobs)  ( Basket mix)

3 Tbsp  Bold Hickory smoke olive oil 

( corn)

2 1/2 cups water 


Covered corn with bold Hickory smoke olive oil and place in the 8 qt. With 1 1/2 cups of water set the timer on manual for 2 minutes and do a QR.

(Basket mix) Sausage, Potatoes, squash, zucchini, I cut into about 1" pieces.

Covered with Tuscan Herb olive oil.

Plaace 1 cup of water and set timer to manual for 4 minutes and I did a QR.

Kabobs same as above except i only set the timer for 2 minutes and did a QR.

 Asparagus and mushrooms 

Cover with butter flavored olive oil.

Add 1 cup water and place in pot and set the timer on manual for 0 minutes and do a QR. 


Keith Tant