Being from the South, We pretty much had corn just about every way you can eat it.

We also made jelly, yes jelly nothing went to waste. When I started Pressure Cooking there was no turning back it's just about the only way I eat it now. Best flavor and nothing lost, so it's alot better for you.

Just my opinion.

Course i do love it deep fried too.

Little History about Corn.

In practically every country but the United States, corn is called maize, coming from the Spanish maiz via the Taino mahiz. Corn is the ancient grain of the New World. It was first cultivated 9,000 years ago in present-day southern Mexico and Central America.


2 to 10 ears of Fresh Corn

2 Tbsp Butter flavored olive oil 

1 Tbsp salt



Spray corn with butter flavored olive oil.

1 Cup water in the pot with a little salt.

Set pot on manual high pressure for 2 minutes and do a QR.


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by Jodie

Where do you get the device to cook the corn on?